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Advanced Treatments

Dermalogica Advanced Facial
For problem skins. Also good for dry/dull thick skin. A very good deep cleaning/hydrating pore treatment to deep cleanse the pores of blockages, oil and debris.  Using Dermalogica’s special professional exfoliating system.  Contains enzymes and Vitamin A.

A.H.A. Glycolic Facial Peeling
For acne, pigmentation, deep lines/wrinkles, acne scars.
Deep cleansing and exfoliating facial for the skin conditions mentioned. Very good results. A course of treatments are needed: 6, 12 or 24. Using M.D. formulations from the U.S. Basic Steps as per regular facial plus application of glycolic acid.

Herbal Enzyme Peel
Non-chemical exfoliation for all skin types, including sensitive.  Steam with herbal enzyme peel, extractions, soothing massage and mask.

PTR Oxygen Therapy Facial
An intensive treatment to revitalize dull, dehydrated skin.  Oxygen boosts cells and protects against the ageing effects of environmental damage.  Combined with collagen, this facial leaves the skin radiating with a healthy glow.

Power C Antioxidant Therapy
This PTR facial combines the collagen producing and antioxidant features of vitamin C with the skin protecting and hydrating features of algae.

Collagen Facial
Using 100% pure natural collagen from France to hydrate, smooth wrinkles.and firm the skin (like giving your skin a drink).

Hydrating Aromatherapy Facial

For extra hydration and relaxation using 100% pure essential oils.

Complete Pampering Facial
Commences with a relaxing back massage to prepare you for the facial and help you to relax; deep cleansing and/or hydrating facial includes eye and neck treatment, while the mask is on you can enjoy a relaxing hand/foot massage. 

Collagen and Cavier EYE  treatment
NEW! Very special to tone firm and hydrate the delicate eye area and also help rid of dark circles and eye bags.

CACI Ultimate


CACI Face & Body Treatments
Enjoy the latest  technology with the exclusive micro-current  therapies from Japan, exclusive to only CACI from England. Gives great, long lasting  results and incorporates micro-current, microdermabrasion and LED light therapy for wonderful long lasting results.


NEW! The latest CACI ULTIMATE facial treatment!
Combines micro-dermabrasion and L.E.D "Light therapy" to stimulate collagen and plump up lines and wrinkles (replaces Botox) along with the exclusive CACI micro-current to tone and firm sagging facial muscles and contours. Softens lines and wrinkles. Can also treat acne, pigmentation, acne scarring, stretch marks, bust firming and hand treatment too.

CACI  Eye treatment

As above but for the eyes only.


CACI Non-Surgical face lift        
Muscle toning and firming of the face & neck using the exclusive CACI  Microcurrent to tone & firm muscles and stimulate Collagen, softens lines & wrinkles, giving a more youthful ,fresher you without the injections.
60 mins.


CACI  Ultimate anti ageing facial       
The Ultimate in facial treatments using the latest technologies and incorporating four technologies in one machine - microdermabrasion, Red & Blue LED Light therapy to stimulate collagen, rejuvenate the skin cells and ATP as well as micro-current and wrinkle comb for toning & firming, lifting the skin and plumping the lines and wrinkles. Gives great long lasting results and a wonderful glow to the skin!
90 mins.


CACI  Eye treatment                     
To tone and firm the eye area using the CACI micro-current, stimulate collagen and plump up lines & wrinkles, also helps with dark circles and eye bags
30 mins.

CACI Ultimate healing facial treatment              
For acne, deep blemishes, scarring, stretch marks, pigmentation and sun damage. Using a combination of micro-current, ETR (enhanced tissue repair work) and LED Light therapy.
30 mins.

CACI Ultimate Booster facial                 
For girls on the run with no time, a quick booster facial to cleanse, refresh, tone & firm & plump up the lines and wrinkles.
30 mins.

CACI Hydratone facial
A wonderful quick boost to cleanse, refresh, hydrate and plump up the lines & wrinkles. Skin is drenched in and given a drink of wonderful Rose oil, Collagen, Vitamin E and Hylaronic acid. Very refreshing and relaxing, great results for a short booster facial. Excellent in both summer and winter.


CACI Super lift  - Bust treatment          
When muscle tone is often lost due to pregnancy, breast feeding and dieting. Come and try the bust lifting treatment. For toning and firming and lifting the bust and décolleté area. Also hydrates the skin by stimulating collagen and helps with any scars or stretch marks in the area.
30 mins.

CACI Stomach lift                             
To tone &  firm the stomach area and help reduce scar tissue and stretch marks.
45 mins.

CACI Legs & Buttocks lift
To tone and firm the legs and buttocks area using the exclusive CACI micro-current from Japan, giving the bottom a lift and help to break up and diminish cellulite. A great treatment in preparation for the summer.

CACI Anti- ageing Hand treatment
To tighten and firm the ageing loose skin on the backs of hands, stimulate collagen to plump up and hydrate and fade any pigmented sun spot areas.
30 mins.

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