The Skin Therapy Centre

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Holistic Therapies

Aromatherapy Massage
A full body massage, including the face and head.  Using 100% pure essential oils which penetrate the skin and provide healing and balancing benefits for a variety of conditions, in particular stress, anxiety and insomnia. Also improves circulation and helps to drain toxins from the lymphatic system.              

Stimulation of the reflex points of the feet in order to bring about the balance and harmony of the body and internal organs.  Can help to reduce the effect of stress and prevent disease, promote relaxation.
A course is recommended for best results.  

Reiki (energy healing)

A hands on or off very relaxing treatment. Using the Universal energy to help heal the body itself, helps rid the body of toxins, blockages in the energy fields and emotions, that may eventually cause illness or disease later on if neglected. Gentle yet powerful energy healing to help balance the body and mind. Promoting healing and harmony by balancing the body's Chakra Energy Points (energy centres).